February 16, 2009

Romantic Cereal

If you've never considered this before, it may be worth pausing a moment to ask: how romantic is your cereal? What, exactly, makes a cereal romantic, and what does your cereal say about you at the breakfast table? Or, if you're strange like I am, you might have asked someone out to cereal by candlelight (which hasn't happened yet, unfortunately) and you're wondering which cereal to bring. Well, let's take a look!

My first thought in determining whether a cereal is romantic is that the cereal should resemble other romantic things or notions. For example, both Fruit Loops and Cheerios are ring shaped, possibly symbolizing an everlasting love. The Cheerios, however, are dull in color, and when viewed as an entire bowl, they become visually monotonous--and monotonous isn't very romantic. Fruit Loops, on the other spoon, almost appear as flowers when rendered as a watercolor painting. It's probably safe to say that Fruit Loops are a romantic cereal. Fruity Pebbles follow closely in the path of Fruit Loops, perhaps likened to colorful flower petals.

[Edit: Blogger Dream Senshi makes an excellent point concerning initially dull cereals: "I think taking any cereal and adding strawberries or heart-shaped goodies makes it romantic. Even putting fresh berries into cereal for myself makes me feel special!" Great advice!]

Of course, when considering a food, we've also got to take into account how it tastes. Chocolates on Valentine's Day--chocolate flavored cereal? Is it possible that Cocoa Puffs is a romantic cereal? (Ladies, you'll have to let me know.) If so, I'll bring a box of Cocoa Pebbles as backup if I ever go on that cereal by candlelight date. Why Pebbles and not Puffs? The Puffs resemble dog food too closely, in my opinion, although if dog food tasted like Cocoa Puffs, I'm sure we'd think more highly of it.

[Edit again: The incredible Mahoney Pony pointed out just how romantic a cereal's name can be: "one cannot forget the importance of a name. Smacks. Pops. Banana Nut Crunch. Bear Naked. *blushing already* count chocula *omg* cream of wheat. Nut n Honey. Honey cups *mmmMMMMMmmmm*" Cereal romance in action!]

Finally, I've taken into consideration a cereal like Lucky Charms, with its many different marshmellow shapes; stars, horseshoes, four-leafed clovers. Not nearly dull in any sense, but not overwhemingly romantic--or is it? Perhaps we could be creative and nab a marshmellow star from a bowl of Lucky Charms, present it to someone special and whisper, "You're my lucky star." And similarly for the four-leafed clovers. In any case, colored marshmellows are fun, and since fun is an essential element of romance, we can safely place Lucky Charms alongside other romantic cereals.

Many of us have our healthy, boring (although not altogether untasty) cereals, as is beneficial to our health. But, every once in a while, don't be afraid to break out the candles and the Fruity Pebbles and "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!" your way into a night of romance.


  1. While I think chocolates are still sweet (no pun intended!) and romantic, I think a nutrition-concerned person may be stressed out by chocolate cereal. Depends on the person, so you'd probably have to know them a bit. :)

    I think taking any cereal and adding strawberries or heart-shaped goodies makes it romantic. Even putting fresh berries into cereal for myself makes me feel special! I think it's an opportunity to be creative. ... I just had a mental image of building a life-size statue of a person in cereal. :} That might be a little much, unless the person in question is into that sort of thing. :}

  2. Excellent idea! I think I will edit the post and include that information! If you ever build a life-size statue using cereal, please let me know! I will blog to the whole world about it!

  3. one cannot forget the importance of a name. Smacks. Pops. Banana Nut Crunch. Bear Naked. *blushing already* count chocula *omg* cream of wheat. Nut n Honey. Honey cups *mmmMMMMMmmmm*

    talk about a tasty treat in your mouth.

    or for the more adventurous type, do IT yourself! *winks*


    Baby Mahoney

  4. Wow Miss Mahoney--that was a demonstration of the romantic power of cereal in action! And how cool is that cereal creator?? I just made "Marshmellow Cocoa Apply Cubes". I am so hungry right now!!

    I'm going to include your invaluable wisdom in my post as well! "Bear Naked" cracks me up!

  5. Great advice. I have an idea for the lucky charms: buy like ten boxes, and remove just the heart-shaped marshmallows from all of them and make one box of Lucky Charms with just the hearts (and of course the frosted puffed-corn bits.. or whatever those are).

    Cereal could also be used as decoration, in lieu of flower petals - a trail of fruity pebbles leading into the bedroom, and sprinkled about the bed/breakfast table.

    Also don't forget about hot cereals! People often fail to appreciate the importance of properly utilizing temperature when delighting the senses; both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. Maybe you associate oatmeal with grandma after she lost her teeth, but add a swirl of strawberry syrup and some chocolate-covered cherries as garnish, and you've got a steamy, creamy bowl of romance. Or sprinkle on some cinnamon, garnish with a home-baked cookie, and that oatmeal is now a warm, comforting bowl of commitment.

  6. Well said! Making your own "Heart Charms" cereal from Lucky Charms boxes would be utterly romantic. That is a killer idea. Remember those oatmeals for kids where they had you draw stuff on the oatmeal using fruit-flavored syrup? There are so many artistic options. Now I'm really looking forward to living with someone in the future so I can make her an awesome romantic breakfast!

    Thanks Terinati! Rock on!

  7. One morning very recently I noticed that I was feeding my kids (and myself) penis cereal. I got the knock off brand of lucky charms. Ah yes, Marshmallow Mateys. They were Phallically delicious.


    So please tell me what that says about me? ;)

  8. That is hilarious! LOL. Someone needs to look into that! Mushrooms and bananas are NOT part of the charms!