February 13, 2009

Online Dating: Chatrooms or Dating Sites?

"Whether you're trying your luck on a dating site or in a chatroom, meeting the right person is often a gamble. Most dating sites focus on the unique aspects of your personality, automatically finding your most suitable matches - well, the most suitable among the site's limited selection, anyway. And what if your most suitable match isn't suitable at all? Then, we might venture into a chatroom, sifting through ridiculous pick-up lines and tasteless commentary like a spaceman searching for signs of life. Just where, exactly, can love be found online?"

[read Qupid's full article here]


  1. I agree. I think the best way to make a good, lasting relationship is to let it arise organically, rather than creating it mechanically. My fiancee and I met online, not on a dating site, but in a text-based game where we were just two players among many. We became friends first in the game, and then our relationships built up and branched off from there.

    What you said about dating sites being convenient and not as time-consuming made me think: if you don't have time to put into finding the right person for a relationship, what makes you think you'll have the requisite time to put into making a relationship work?

  2. Having the game as a platform for conversation also gives you activities to share while you talk. Interestingly, there used to be a lot of really cool young people in the MUDS!

    That's a good point about having enough time to actually date the people you meet. It's almost like ABC's "The Bachelor", where the entire dating process is on fast forward and you've got considerably limited time to make decisions. Again, not the most natural way to do things!