February 15, 2009

Confessions and Closure

Sometimes, there are things we'd really like to say, but, for whatever reason, we don't. Secret crushes, withheld resentment, and even words meant for a person we've dreamed of but have never found; these things often remain locked away in the dark corners of our minds, but do they ever really go away? Some things, after enough time, become so trivial that we can comfortably leave them alone. And, sometimes, we can even laugh at the way we used to feel. Nonetheless, there are thoughts and feelings that do endure, as does the desire to release them, in some way, to the person they're meant for.

So.There.com is a frequently updated, online collection of confession letters, organized in a searchable database.

"The concept of So There is that of unsent letters; letters whose intended recipients might never see them, but that by writing them, the author can get their emotions out and let them go. They may be letters to friends, enemies, lovers, family, yourself or anything else you can imagine. They may be stories of unrequited love, scorn for an ex-lover, appreciation or pain. To someone who died before you could say goodbye, or to someone in your life right now. Your emotions are your own, and no one can express them the way you can. The person to whom your letter is addressed may or may not ever see it, but we assure you, someone is listening."

You can submit your own letters, and even leave a link to your e-mail address in the case you think your intended will someday discover it. Authors and recipients are mostly anonymous, represented by either a first name or an initial--just enough for anyone who's meant to be looking!

Many of the existing letters are well-written and touching; the sentiments expressed are likely very similar to those you've felt, at some point, yourself. As for me, this particular letter caught my attention. I once wrote a similar letter myself, albeit on paper, with the same hope that I might someday deliver it to an as yet non-existent addressee.


  1. So There is a really beautiful site. The few letters that I've just read are really touching.

  2. The design is so ideal for the content, too. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of the site before recently!

  3. Thank you so much for writing this...when I came on board SoThere in 98, I really never knew it would last this long. When I inherited it, I promised to keep it up as long as people submitted letters, I never even dreamed they would still be sending them in, because really, beyond word of mouth, there is no advertising. I really wanted to keep it for the readers and for the people who are giving and brave enough to send in their thoughts and words.

  4. How awesome that you commented here, Jourdannex! It is a brilliant and beautiful site. Thank you for keeping it going! I am definitely going to submit a letter sometime.